Monday, January 21, 2019

Harmonica Frank Floyd - Blues That Made The Roosters Dance! (repost upgrade)

A1 New Fangled Cafe
A2 Jack & Jill Blues
A3 Lucille Blues
A4 Shampoo (The Whorehouse Special)
A5 Sweet Farm Girl
A6 Ditchin' Man Blues
A7 Beer Drinkin' Daddy
A8 What Key?
B1 Memphis To New Orleans
B2 Packin' That Stuff
B3 Shanghai Rooster Breakdown
B4 Sittin' On Top Of The World
B5 Snortin' The Blues
B6 Tribute To Jimmy Rogers
B7 Ring Tail Tom Cat
B8 Ain't Gonna Rain No More



Bob Mac said...

May well have been me who requested it, I've been looking out for this one for several years now. Many thanks my good man. As far as I'm aware I now have every available album of Frank's recordings.

BobCat said...

Thanks Xyros - never seen this before!

Smokey said...

I was not the one who asked for it, but I thank fou for posting this!
I have never seen this record. Nice rip. I did not have the time to see if there is overlap with CDs. But even if there is: thanks also for the pictures.

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, do you have the tracks that where released on Redita Step it up and go Lp.
See I posted the LP years ago and still have the rip. Just as well as I sold the Lp by mistake.
Also maybe another surprise for soon.

Bob Mac said...

@Xyros. Yes I have a copy of the Redita LP, probably got it from you. Looking at Stefan Wirz site I see I don't have this one: Harmonica Frank: Mouthin' Blood Blues (Hog Maw 905). But have all the tracks on other albums.

Pablow said...

Holy smokes! Def's my request from year's ago, can't believe I can finally hear this! Much love ! Kris

tasunkes said...

You do have the most amazingly obscure nuggets around..thanks for a lot of great and authentic music!

Stuffy from Sweden

Smokey said...

Thank you for the upgrade to New Fangled FLAC.