Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Various - Hot Fish Downhome Blues & Rhythm 1951-55

1. Merc-O-Matic Boogie/Joe Dyson Orch.
2. Yellow Hornet/Wally Mercer
3. Hot Fish/Sherman Blues" Johnson & His Clouds
4. My Baby's Crying/Sonny Jones
5. Every Man's Blues/Clarence Jolly
6. Laughing, Laughing Blues/Jimmy Swan
7. Do You Know How To Boogie/Rufus Beacham & His Tampa Toppers
8. Pretty Baby Blues/Sherman "Blues" Johnson & His Clouds
9. Loud Mouth Lucy/Roy Gaines
10. Hey Now Baby, Hey/Jimmy Swan
11. Crawlin' Around/Manzy Haris Orch.
12. I Need You Baby/Clarence Jolly
13. You're Gonna Miss Me Baby/Harold Young
14. Looped/Wally Mercer
15. I Can't Do No More/Ray Charles
16. My Baby and Me/Rufus Beacham
17. You'd Better Change Your Ways/Clarence Jolly
18. I'm Setting You Free/Roy Gaines
19. Sugar Mama/Sherman "Blues" Johnson & His Clouds
20. You're Gonna Know/Manzy Harris Orch.
21. I Love You For Myself/Harold Young
22. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow/Wally Mercer
23. Baby Take a Look at Me/Clarence Jolly
24. Roly-Poly/Rufus Beacham Orch



Eva said...

Oh, this is excellent. Just great stuff. Thank you so much. I never heard of Clarence Jolly before, he's a fine "blues shouter" like Wynonie Harris and H-Bomb Ferguson. Thanks again, I'm *really* enjoying this album.

Michael said...

Mucho thanks for sharing this very good and hard to get comp.

Anonymous said...


Thanx! LUV the cover art picture. Very realistic for the era of this music. Now to the music.....

Ciao! For now.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!--Bill

Bob Mac said...

@Xyros: welcome back my good man. Hope you had a great holiday, we had a fun time in Bali and got back to Perth yesterday. A big thanks for the 3 albums you have just posted. I'll d/l them later today when I go to the public library. Best internet deal I could get from Vodafone was 6gig data for 35 days...bullshit, I could blow 6gig in a day d/l from the, thankfully there's the library with free wifi.

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, thank you and I'm more or less glad to be back. I think you had better weather on Bali than we did on Curacao. A couple of days very rainy which is very unusual for this time of the year.
Hope you also enjoy the postings that are coming up today.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thanks for this rare album! A lot of great music...

Xyros said...

Glad you enjoyed both cd's that were posted this weekend. More coming next time.