Monday, March 19, 2018

Chicago Beau & Friends - Having A Fit Over Your Love

1. Having A Fit Over Your Love 4:42
2. I Am A Black Snake 6:55
3. Mama's Baby Daddy's Maybe 3:14
4. Don't Run Me Out Of Your Life 7:16
5. Hangover 3:25
6. Shake Your Boogie Woogie 4:55
7. Can't Send The Children To School 6:21
8. Dust My Room 5:17
9. Wine Time After Hours

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KansasJoe post:


muddyw123 said...

Rare one. Beau lived in Europe for a while. Had a book out recently.

Lincoln Beauchamp said...

Greetings Peoples

Xyros said...

Thank you for dropping by Mr. Beauchamp, hope that you like and enjoy what you see.

Beemer said...

Thanks for this.