Thursday, March 22, 2018

Various - Chicago Jump

Dusty Brown - Do You Love Me
Dusty Brown - Will You Forgive Me Baby
Dusty Brown - Please Don't Go
Dusty Brown - Well You Know I Love You
Doc Terry - Things Can't Stay the Same
Doc Terry - Doctor Boogie
Doc Terry - Who Do Blues
Jimmie Lee Robinson - Chicago Jump
Jimmie Lee Robinson - All of My Life
Jimmie Lee Robinson - Times Is Getting Hard
Jimmie Lee Robinson - Twist It Baby
John Littlejohn - What in the World
John Littlejohn - Can't Be Still



Anonymous said...

I find every comp feat. Johnny Littlejohn interesting.
At the same time new names are found,
which perhaps I hadn't noticed otherwise.
So its good for musical education - these goody comps.
Thanks !
- Jay from North.

MNF said...

I am (attempting to) download from emule which might interest you. unfortunately 1 seeder at dialup speeds :(
1_The Chess Story 13 -1999- John Littlejohn, The Dells..(1969-1975)(ape+cue').zip
perhaps someone already has it, it may be months or close to a year before this completes :(

Xyros said...

@ MNF, here's disc 13 7 14 at . Link is only available for 10 days.
Visit for more if needed.