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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Various - Danceland Years (re-post)

1 –Candy Johnson Stampin' 2:44
2 –Candy Johnson Ebony Jump 2:47
3 –John Lee Hooker Wayne County Ramblin' Blues 3:09
4 –John Lee Hooker Cotton Pickin' Boogie 2:44
5 –John Lee Hooker 1949 Grievin' Blues (Part One) 3:52
6 –John Lee Hooker Six O'Nine Boogie (Take One) 3:16
7 –John Lee Hooker Six O'Nine Boogie (Take Two) 3:15
8 –Tony Blues Lewis Lord Have Mercy 3:28
9 –Tony Blues Lewis Gonna Buy Me A Shotgun 2:59
10 –Tony Blues Lewis I'm Gonna Catch Me A Freight Train 2:28
11 –Tony Blues Lewis Gonna Call On You Babe 3:46
12 –Unknown Artist What's The Matter With The World 2:53


Anonymous said...

thank you

who's playing piano with J.L.Hooker

Anonymous said...

thanks a loooooooot!

Xyros said...

There is no info in the liner notes as to who's backing on the tracks. Neither is there any reference to the tracks in "Blues Records"from Mike Slaven.

Xyros said...

Notes James Watkins as the piano player on Grievin' blues.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this incredible paradise of so many forgotten records.
Could you please reupload this one?
No megaupload and others are long gone.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thank you for posting this first rate CD that had become very very hard to find! Danceland was a very small indpendent label which recorded John Lee Hooker at a very early stage of his career.
If it's still a mystery? All tracks recorded in Detroit.

Tony "Blues" Lewis, vcl/g/hca.1949
Candy (Floyd) Johnson, t-sax; Stubby Jackson, pno; band. september 1948
John Lee Hooker, vcl/g; James Watkins, pno; Curtis Foster, dms. january 1949
- Cotton pickin' boogie
- Wayne County ramblin' blues
Elmer Barbee, vcl; John Lee Hooker, g; James Watkins, pno; Curtis Foster, dms. c. january 1948
- Six o nine boogie
- Grievin' blues

muddyw123 said...

Tx GĂ©rard for the info!

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Could you reup this if possible? For some reasons I've lost some tracks from it. Thanks

Xyros said...

There you go Gerard

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thanks a lot, Xyros and all the best!

Motown Fats said...

Hey Xyros,

Thanks for the upload. My physical copy only has the first 6 cuts.

Gill said...

Looking forward to these... Many Thanks.