Monday, June 25, 2018

Little Brother Montgomery - Blues Live!

1 Blue Monday Blues
2 Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
3 I Love You, Baby, But You Don't Mean Me No Good
4 The Cow Cow Blues
5 The Hesitation Blues
6 Chinese Man Blues
7 Loomis Gibson Blues
8 Going Up The Country Blues
9 Vicksburg Blues
10 Pinetops Boogie Woogie
11 In The Evening
12 First Time I Met The Blues



Bob Mac said...

Many thanks Xyros.

Nappyrags said...

Thanks mucho for the fine offering...

jjeconomist said...

Thanks for this. Much appreciated

Ballas said...

Thank you very much Xyros. One of my favourite artists.

Anton Lijs said...

I Didn't Know About This One But Every Little Brother Montgomery Is A Gem. Thanks A Lot For Another Great Share !

Steve626 said...


Thanks - can't have too much Little Brother Montgomery. Appreciate the post.

Xyros said...

Maybe I'll do some more LBM soon. I've got some inboxed up and a couple of recent purchases waiting to be ripped.

ramson said...

Yes, please more Montgomery!.
Thanks a lot!.