Friday, June 29, 2018

Sonny Boy Williamson - Collectors Special EP

A1 Baby Let Me Come Back Home
A2 November Boogie
B1 All Night Boogie
B2 Leavin' Blues


Vinyl was a bit rough so be lenient when you're listening to it.


Anonymous said...

rainy day after a longish hot weather;
nice time to listen something.
EP appreciated very much, thanks.
Jay from the North.

Ballas said...

Thank you very much Xyros - the sound is good to my ears!

jjeconomist said...

Thanks for this. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

thank you

pino said...

WOW .....Thank you very much Xyros !!!

Bob Mac said...

Thanks Xyros, it's always good to get a copy of these rare items.

Kurt hricz said...

Never seen for a long time - thanks a lot!

Xyros said...

Glad you all liked this rare EP, the music is good and the cover is great.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Sonny Boy Williamson, vcl/hca. Copenhague, Dk. 5 november 1963
Baby please come back home
November boogie
All night boogie
Leavin' blues
Those are also in the Storyville CD Portraits in Blues Vol. 12

muddyw123 said...

Great backcover story too. Thank yoU!

luis azua said...

gracias gran material