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Monday, June 25, 2018

Snooks Eaglin - WWOZ-FM N.O.; Apr. 28, 1999

Photo: Al Kennedy

1) My Babe
2) Juanita
3) I Got Loaded
4) Anna
5) Just a Moment of Your Time
6) Little Girl of Mine
7) Only You
8) You're So Fine
9) Looking Back
10) Malaguena / Ready for Love
11) Camp Granada
12) Young Boy Blues
13) Born Under a Bad Sign
14) Little Joe From Chicago

filler- also from WWOZ-FM Studios

15)10,000 Reward (5/17/99 w/ Ernie K-Doe)
16) title??? (5/17/99)
17) Still Crazy After All These Years (5/17/99)
18) Hello My Lover (5/1/99 w/ Ernie K-Doe)
19) One Black Rat (5/1/99)

There will be more Snooks coming soon.


Bob Mac said...

Thanks Xyros & KJ.

pmac said...

Wow! Looks like these were on air performances during the pledge drives for the station. Many, many thanks!

jimmyvapor said...

more more more snooks! thank you!!!

anybody got any of K-Doe's radio broadcasts?

jjeconomist said...

Thank you

John Angelatos said...

Thanks for this diamond!

muddyw123 said...

Great. Never enough Snooks! Played the Bluesestafette UItrecht NL down, with Flamenco style guitar... among other beauties.

Steve626 said...


Wow! This looks fantastic. Thanks.

Benoit RR said...

Wooohooo ! Thank you so much !