Friday, August 3, 2018

Sonny Rhodes - Live Tapes

Mark Naftalin Blues Party - 31 March 1983; S. Rhodes; J. Copeland

Sonny Rhodes - Fleetwoods, Alexandria,VA; May31, 95

Thanks go to KansasJoe for these live tapes.


Bob Mac said...

Thanks KansasJoe & Xyros for Sonny Rhodes, plus the 2 Sam Bros. albums. everything is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Ha - Cool - This from my Master- I never circulated but a few times back in the Cassette mail days trade days. I think I saw it on Dime once - Glad to see it has made it overseas.
I only recorded the 1 set for sure.
Fleetwoods was the club Mick Fleetwood opened in the early mid 90s just outside of D.C. - He invested millions in a new office building with the club on the ground level. It didn't last but a few years.
I remember seeing Junior Wells there, Bobby Parker a few times and an Albert Collins tribute at least - Maybe Ronnie Spectors Valentines Day show too.
A few more...Thanks

Steve626 said...

Xyros & KansasJoe:

A great big thanks for posting these. Live Sonny Rhodes is not that common, and anything from Mark Naftalin's Blues Party is appreciated.

Xyros said...

@ Anonymous, I'm sure we are all glad that you recorded the set and traded it snail mail way. Anything else you'd like to share ;-)
I'd forgotten all about Dime so I'll have to see if it's still around. Placed a lot of Hendrix bootlegs on Dime before they were easy to find.

Steve626 said...


Just finished listening to the Mark Naftalin's Blues Party tape and Johnny Copeland's performance is great. I like to tag my songs, so here's the setlist, as best as I could determine. Any additional information would be appreciated.

Mark Naftalin's Blue Monday Party -1983-03-31

1. Sonny Rhodes - Sex Machine (Instrumental)
2. Sonny Rhodes - I Like It Like That
3. Sonny Rhodes - Blue Monday
4. Johnny Copeland - Boogie Woogie Nighthawk
5. Johnny Copeland - Natural Born Believer
6. Johnny Copeland - Honky Tonkin’
7. Johnny Copeland - Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me
8. Johnny Copeland - Old Man Blues
9. Johnny Copeland - Instrumental

Xyros said...

@ Steve626, many thanks for taking the time to sort out the tagging. Something I never have the patience to do.

michelde7 said...

Serait il possible d'avoir les titres des tracks
de Sonny Rhodes Live Tapes ?

Maple Blues said...

if someone has a track list for the other one (Fleetwoods, Alexandria,VA; May31, 95)Ill gladly split it into tracks and tag it !

Rippin Frog' stuff said...

here is a cover for the naftalins party

Maple Blues said...

I meant this sonny rhodes Keystone, Palo Alto; Feb. 2, 81
Ill split it into tracks soon.. be nice to have the tracks names !

Maple Blues said...

xyros tag & rename is a simple tagging apps... doesnt take long if the files name are in there...

Xyros said...

Thank you all for your comments and questions.
We don't have track lists for the Sonny Rhodes tapes that are not tagged but if someone is willing to listen, tag them and share their track list that is greatly appreciated.
@ Maple Blues, I used to use Tag&rename on my old PC but I have a Mac now and use Tagr. Not as good but it will do.

MarcD said...

9.Johnny Copeland - Big Time (off the 'Copeland Special' LP)