Sunday, February 22, 2015

Johnny Little John - Funky From Chicago

Excellent album that I can remember buying at the Flyright record store in Bexhill-on-the Sea some time in the early 70's.
That was a blues Walhalla and I only regret not having more cash to spend.



Mojo said...

Thanks for this, the whole BluesWay discography is freakin' stupendous!

Hey, can anyone tell me what happened to the "Hey Get Rhythm" blog? I was gone for an month and it's GONE. Saw some email comments that looked like some infighting in the Basement and a threat to take it down if it continued... so maybe that's it but I sure hope not. Just like this blog here (THANK YOU), it was a great resource. Hopefully it'll be back..?

Franck Goldwasser said...

Littlejohn's best, along with the Arhoolie LP. Thanks for posting this treasure of a classic. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for sharing this Xyro. I have Slidin' Home on Arhoolie, which I really dig, so I'm sure this is gonna be good too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much...great blog!

Fernando Toral said...

Littlejohn is true blues guarantee and... what a line up! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

1000 Thanks for John Littlejohn.
I love so much his blues !!