Wednesday, August 15, 2018

T-Bone Walker - Complete 1960's Sessions


Complete 1960's Studio Recordings
T-Bone Walker, vcl/g; band. Chicago, Ill. octobre 1960
1.     Hey hey baby
2. Should I let her go (Sittin' here thinkin')
3. Jealous woman
4. Love will lead you right

T-Bone Walker, vcl/g; Piano Slim (Willard Burton), og/pno; Jimmy Jones, bs; dms. Houston, Tx. mai 1966
5. Treat your daddy well
6. Let your hair down baby (Natural ball)
7. Afraid to close my eyes
8. Please come back to me
08A. Old time used to be
08B. You don't love me and I don't care
08C. It ain't no right with you

T-Bone Walker, vcl/g/pno; Jimmy Ford, tpt; Arnett Cobb, t-sax; Harmonica Fats, hca; Joey Long, g; bs; dms. Pasadena, Tx. 8 septembre 1966
9. No do right (You ought to know better)
10. I ain't your fool no more
11. Heartache (Don't let your...)
12. I don't be jiving
13. Reconsider baby (Hate to see you go)
14. I ain't your fool anymore
15. She's a hit
16. Back on the scene
17. I used to be a good boy
18. A good boy
19. Farther on up the road
20. Why won't my baby treat me right?
21. Every night I have to cry
22. Sometimes I wonder
23. I wonder why
24. T-Bone's jam
24A. It takes a lot of know how
24B. Will my gal be home tonight


With thanks to Blue Eye we now have the complete 60's sessions that "The Truth" lp were taken from.


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