Friday, September 7, 2018

Johnnie Morisette - Hell All The Way

A1 Treat Me Right
A2 I'm Hungry
A3 Hell All The Way
A4 Bite All Over You
B1 I Wonder Who
B2 Disco Roots
B3 Love Is Something
B4 Glory, Glory


many thanks to MarcD for sharing this rarity.


Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thanks Marc D. Very rare LP by an underrated but anyway excellent West Coast bluesman.

Bob Mac said...

Thank you Xyros & MarcD.

clash said...

Marc D & Xyros- Thank you for sharing this great one.

imnokid said...

Thanx a bunch for this. I had the album, ripped it at some point, sold the album, then lost all the files but one in a crash.
Crazy record, and VERY rare.

kevinass said...

man i love this! thanks