Sunday, June 8, 2014

Champion Jack Dupree - The Incredible

I couldn't fine a review of this Lp but you can't go wrong with anything early from Champion Jack. That been said it's comprised of tracks recorded in Denmark in the early 60's and only released in 1970. What I like about Champion Jack is that you can feel the humour in his music and I don't think I've ever seen a film without him smiling or laughing. This is what his music and showmanship are about.
Don't think this has ever been re-released which a pity as the LP is pricey and I only bought it recently on a local website for a very reasonable price. Anyway for your listening pleasure as I know it's been requested in the past.



kempen said...

Xyros, a 1000 thx for this one; this is a very rare & hard-to-find; i was searchin for this for decades; 4 tracks (Gravier Street/Old Woman Blues/41 Highway/Drivin me Mad) have been reissued on Storyville compilations ;

Alan Balfour said...

Amazing Stefan Wirz discography. Scroll down to 1970, item 121 to view musicians plus a 1980s reissue

Xyros said...

Glad you finally got it Kempen. It had been on my want list for some time also.

Thank you Alan also for the tip towards Stefan Wirz's discography at hadn'r relizes that it had been reissued in the 80's.