Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Various - Chicago Boss Guitars

1 –Buddy Guy Sit And Cry
2 –Buddy Guy Try To Quit You Baby
3 –Buddy Guy You Sure Can't Do
4 –Buddy Guy This Is The End
5 –Otis Rush I Can't Quit You Baby
6 –Otis Rush Groaning The Blues
7 –Otis Rush Sit Down
8 –Otis Rush Double Trouble
9 –Otis Rush Violent Love
10 –Otis Rush Three Times A Fool
11 –Otis Rush My Love Will Never Die
12 –Otis Rush She's A Good 'Un
13 –Otis Rush Keep On Loving Me Baby
14 –Magic Sam All Your Love
15 –Magic Sam Love Me With A Feeling
16 –Magic Sam Everything Gonna Be Alright
17 –Magic Sam Easy Baby
18 –Magic Sam 21 Days In Jail
19 –Magic Sam You Sure Can't Do
20 –Magic Sam This Is The End

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Anonymous said...

Kansas Joe & Xyros,
thanks to both of You
for this jolly comp.
Best wishes !
- Jay from the North.