Thursday, June 21, 2018

Eugene Rhodes - Talkin' About My Time (re-post)

Post:A1 If You See My Savior
A2 Blues Leaping From Texas
A3 Don't Talk Me To Death
A4 Talkin' About My Time
A5 Working On The Levee
A6 Step It Up And Go
A7 Talk (About The Blues)
A8 I Keep Wondering
B1 Jelly, Jelly
B2 Dough Rolling Papa
B3 Who Went Out The Back?
B4 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
B5 I'm Gonna Find My Woman
B6 If She's Your Woman
B7 Fast Life
B8 Whosoever Will, Let Him Come

Rare LP provided by Blue Eye;


Alan Balfour said...

There was a simultaneous cassette issued (Folk-Legacy C12).

A bootleg LP was released in the early 80s on the Collector's Issue label (C-5522).

The Masaccio of Gonzo said...

I'm loving your music blog.