Thursday, July 31, 2014

Various - Real Chicago Blues & More Chicago Blues = Really The Chicago Blues

These the sessions that were released as two LPs under Echo's "Blues Anthology" series. The complete sessions were also released as a double LP on Adelphi called "Really Chicago's Blues." It's pretty informal stuff - basically, it's kinda like having Johnny Shines, Walter Horton, Big Joe Williams, Sunnyland Slim, etc. sitting around your living room swapping tunes and maybe someone happened to turn a cheap tape recorder on. However, despite the relaxed nature of the proceedings (or perhaps because of it) there are some excellent performances in here if you can get past the sound quality and the generally loose accompaniment. Johnny and Big Joe, in particular, have some great tunes, even if someone should have snatched that damn kazoo out of Joe's hand. (edited review from the defunct Glad Rags Blog).

Filling a request for someone.

Vol. 3:
Vol. 4:


Gerard Herzhaft said...

The review from the magazine is a little bit harsh for an overall excellent double. I bought it when issued in 1969 (I guess...) and listened to it regularly all through the years. There is a friendly atmosphere between those legendary Mississippi transplanted to Chicago legendary bluesmen and the music is most always excellent, sometimes brilliant. I find the Honeyboy tracks among the best he has waxed. The only drawback to my ears is the unecessary and sometimes heavy presence of Mike Stewart (Backwards Sam Firk) second guitar here and there.

john said...

Thank you again for all the music.

Anonymous said...

I love these kind of recordings. When you think a lot of blues was played at house/rent parties, recordings like these give a real flavour of what that would have been like albeit minus alcohol fuelled exuberance (which I don't mind as long as theres no guns!).
Fantastic LP's in my humble opinion!