Thursday, September 21, 2017

The curse of the Dead Links

After receiving a couple of comments asking for repostings of recents posts I checked a number of links. There are a number of very recent postings dead well before their time. It seems to be arbutary which ones die and it's going to be interesting how this goes. I've checked Zippy and it looks like about 20 links have died, maybe more.
I'll reup if requested and if it continues I'll turn to alternative filehost.
Shit happens.... just got to grin and bear it.

Looks like most of the request links are dead and some of the other postings.
I'm an optimistic pessimist so while it may get worse it can only get better later.
It would be interesting to hear if only Blues related blogs are been targeted either by Zippy or a person with nothing better to do.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below. This might take a couple of days and reposts up to a week ..... I've got a life outside of the blog.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.

The requests have been cleared earlier than I was planning due to all of the unexpected dead links.


31st July:Yatala Piedmont said...
Booker T Laury - blues on the prowl (wolf)
Will be reposted soon    NMR

l4th August: Ronnie said...
Tabby Thomas - Louisiana woman

20th August: yeah but nah but said...
John Jackson - step it up and go / deep in the bottom

12 September: Ballas - Does anyone have Big Joe Williams on XTRA 1033 that they are willing to share?

12 September: Burnley Redding -
'm seeking some early Chess singles cuts that have proven to be most elusive.

#1427 - Jimmy Bell - Me And My Baby / If You Believe In Me - 1950
#1432 - Claude Mclin - Mona Lisa / Benny's Bounce - 1950
#1438 - Lucky Thompson - Slow Drag / Nothin' From Nothin' - 1950
#1439 - Floyd Smith - Blue Moods / Saturday Night Boogie - 1950
#1444 - Calvin Bostick - All Of My Life / People Will Talk About You - 1950
#1445 - Gene Ammons - Boppin' With Santa - 1950
#1446 - Claude Mclin - Tennessee Waltz / Pop Goes The Weasel - 1950  thanks to MarcD
#1451 - Calvin Bostick - I'm In Love With You / Fleetwood Blues 1951
#1455 - Al Hibbler - It Don't Mean A Thing / What Will I Tell My Heart? - 1951
#1456 - Al Hibbler - Lover, Come Back To Me - 1951
Al Hibbler's at Blue Dragon blog, thanks to Tom Thumb
#1457 - Al Hibbler - Solitude / Feather Roll Blues - 1951
#1460 - Eddy South - I Can't Give You Anything But Love - 1951
#1461 - Eddie Ware - Wandering Lover - 1951
#1471 - John Peck - Pushin' My Heart Around - 1951
#1477 - Leo Parker - Reed Rock - 1951
1478 - John Godfrey - Boogin' The Blues - 1951
1481 - Al Hibbler - My Little Brown Book - 1951
1483 - The Blues Rockers - My Mama's Baby Child - 1951
1488 - Eddie Johnson - Cold, Cold Heart / Walk Softly – 1951
1500 - The Two Honeys & A Guy - Love My Mom & Love My Pop / Twenty Robbers - 1952
1501 - Tab Smith - Love / Slow And Easy - 1952
1503 - Eddie Johnson - Sister Murphy / At Last - 1952
1506 - Jimmy Rogers - I Used To Love A Woman - 1952 - Eddie Ware - Give Love Another Chance - 1952 - Rev. Chambers - It's Praying Time - 1952
1512 - Eddie Johnson - This Love Of Mine - 1952
1518 - Bobby Lewis - Travelin' Days - 1952
1519 - Jimmy Rogers & his Rocking Four - Last Time - 1952 - Frank Motley & The Clefs - We Three / Ride On – 1952

Friday, September 15, 2017

James "Son" Thomas - Hard Times

1. Good Morning School Girl
2. Sugar Mama Blues
3. Rollin' and Tumblin'
4. Nelson Street Blues
5. Standing at the Crossroads
6. Bumble Bee
7. Hard Times
8. Big Fat Mama
9. Two Trains Running
10. Whiskey Headed Woman
11. Bottle It Up and Go
12. Ethel Mae
13. Forty Four Miles
14. Crawlin' King Snake
15. Beefsteak Blues
16. Mama Talk to Your Daughters
17. It Hurts Me Too
18. Cairo Blues
19. Steel Guitar Rag


Rockin' Dopsie & The Twisters - Doin' The Zydeco

A1 Who's Loving You Tonight
A2 Ma Negresse
A3 Please Come Home
A4 Jolie Blonde
A5 Doin' The Zydeco
B1 Jump Up
B2 Rock Me Baby
B3 Josephine
B4 Good Old Mamou
B5 Please Don't Leave Me

Thanks go to KansasJoe

Muddy Waters - Woodstock Album

A1 Why Are People Like That
A2 Going Down To Main Street
A3 Born With Nothing
A4 Caledonia
B1 Funny Sounds
B2 Love, Deep As The Ocean
B3 Let The Good Times Roll
B4 Kansas City
B5 Born With Nothing


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Various - Memphis & The South 1949-1954

CD 1:
CD 2:

Track list:

This is getting boring but the rules of the game dictate that I thank the original ripper.

Peg Leg Sam


"Kickin' It" is the same as " Medicine Show Man"


"Joshua" is the same as "Going Train Blues" and "Early In The Morning"

Thanks go to the original poster of both cd's.

Big John Wrencher - Maxwell Street Alley Blues

1 Maxwell Street Alley Blues 4:12
2 Special Rider Blues 2:43
3 Back Porch Boogie 3:21
4 No Good Weasel 3:52
5 Goin' Upstairs 4:57
6 Dust My Bed 3:36
7 Root Man Blues 5:05
8 Moonshine Blues 8:05
9 Ha-Ha Baby 5:20
10 Conductor Blues 5:21
11 Rockin' Chair Blues 4:29
12 12th Street Boogie 3:12
13 Rough Tough Boogie 2:19


My CD burner wouldn't recognize my original Blue Sting CD anymore so I plucked the P-Vine version from a Russian site for you. Thanks go to the original ripper.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Leroy Washington - Wild Cherry

1 –Leroy Washington (2) Sittin' Here Thinkin'
2 –Leroy Washington (2) Don't Blame It On Me Mama
3 –Leroy Washington (2) Women Are Trouble
4 –Leroy Washington (2) I Don't Want Your Money
5 –Leroy Washington (2) I've Been In This Prison
6 –Leroy Washington (2) Hello Stranger
7 –Leroy Washington (2) Hello Operator
8 –Leroy Washington (2) Baby Please Come Home
9 –Leroy Washington (2) Wild Cherry
10 –Leroy Washington (2) Everyday
11 –Leroy Washington (2) Hello Baby
12 –Blue Charlie* Don't Have No Friends
13 –Blue Charlie* I'm Gonna Kill That Hen
14 –Blue Charlie* Watch That Crow
15 –Mr. Calhoun Hello My Friends, Hello Pal
16 –Mr. Calhoun They Call Me Mr Calhoun
17 –Mr. Calhoun I'm Ragged And Dirty
18 –Mr. Mojo (4) The World Loves A Lover
19 –Mr. Mojo (4) I Won't Be Here Long
20 –Jake Johnson (3) Life Gets Hard
21 –Clarence Lockley If You See My Little Woman

Thanks go to Marcfr for sharing this CD


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sonny Rodgers - Last Jam

Bluesman Oliver Lee 'Sonny' Rodgers died May 7, 1990 of congestive heart failure in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he had lived since the early 1970's.
Born December 4, 1939 near Hughes, Arkansas, Sonny was 'discovered' by Alan Lomax in the early 1960's during Lomax's Library of Congress recording project. Rodgers was playing with Forrest City Joe and Willie Cobbs at the time.
He also performed with Joe Hill Louis, Joe Willie Wilkins, Eddie Boyd, and countless other Delta area bluesmen. Railroad jobs took Sonny up to Illinois, and later to Minneapolis, where he teamed up with Sammy Lawhorn & Mojo Buford, serving as a sideman on Muddy Waters' tours.
In 1976, Sonny went into the studio with Buford, contributing to the anthology LP 'Mojo Buford's Chicago Blues Summit' (Rooster Records #R-7603).
He formed his own band, the Cat Scratchers, in 1984. They recorded several cassette-only albums before releasing their first single, 'Cadillac Baby' / 'Big Leg Woman' (Blue Moon #BMR-001). The single was a hit with the critics, winning the single-of-the-year award at the 1990 W.C. Handy Awards in Memphis.
These songs were packaged together with others recorded at the now world famous New Moon Studio in Minneapolis, and were released on CD later that year on a British label ('They Call Me The Cat Daddy' - Fattening Frogs #J-2).
Sadly, Sonny had passed away at age 50, a time which should have been the prime of his career as a bluesman. 'He was one singing dude', wrote harmonica ace William Clarke in his note of condolence to Sonny's widow, Clara.
He touched a number of lives in his short time on this planet, including that of Blue Moon Records founder Pat Dawson, who recently declared in an interview with a magazine writer, 'the label owes it's existence to Sonny Rodgers. He got a lot of us started on the paths that our lives have taken.'
His W.C. Handy trophy was on public display for a number of years at St Paul's Blues Saloon. It now graces the wall of the control room at New Moon, where they continue to pump out great blues recordings.

I'm sorry to say that I have no more info on these last recordings of Sonny Rodgers and couldn't find anything om the internet about them. Any info would be welcome.
Thank you to HM for ripping his cassette for us.
Please read the comments for a track listing from Gerard and Bob Mac.