Saturday, April 5, 2014

Various - Blues Is Here To Stay

Collection of singles released on the Styletone label in the 60's to early 70's from Model T Slim, Ironing Board Sam and Little Boyd. Some interesting tracks from Ironing Board who is a bit of a cult blues musician, the usual from Model T.
Released in 1973.


Blues Is Here To Stay !!
Oldies But Goodies ..!
The Best Of Model T Slim, Little Boyd, Ironing Board Sam

Model T Slim
- Somebody Done Voodo That Hoodo Man
Little Boyd
- 13 Highway [Styletone 395] #
Ironing Board Sam
- I've Been Used
Model T Slim
- 15 Years My Love Was In Vain
Little Boyd
- Harmonica Crying In The Chappel [] [Styletone unissued] #

Ironing Board Sam
- Non Support That What The Judge Say
Model T Slim
- Flatfoot Sam Always In A Jam [tk. 1]
Little Boyd
- Bad Man [sic] Don't Live Too Long [Styletone 400] #
Model T Slim
- Oh Babe [faded early]

Thank you goes to Stefan Wirz.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Various - St. Louis Blues 1929-1935: The Depression

Scratchy old 78's from J.D. Short, Peetie Wheatstraw, Henry Townsend plus others.
ex-library record ... those were the days when the local library had their annual clearance. LP's for less than €0.50 each and some brand new. Now it's all cd's and I've yet to see an annual clearance.
I'm fairly sure this LP has been re-released on vinyl since I posted it originally years ago.


Clarence "Guitar" Sims - Born To Sing The Blues

A firstclass showcase for the uncompromising guitarist ... a load of steaming blues spotlighting Clarence 'Guitar' Sims (Fillmore Slim) intense, high-pitched vocals and slicing, stinging lead guitar (sporting tinges of Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Guitar Slim, and the ever popular B.B. and Albert King). Originally recorded in 1987 at the Eli Mile High Club in Oakland, California.
The lp has been re-released with extra tracks.


Buddy Guy - The Dollar Done Fell

Countless legions of blues fans around the world can attest to the greatness of Buddy Guy. If you're a fan that has listened to Buddy's recordings, but have never got to see him live and in person you've been deprived of the "other-worldly" charisma and bond that Buddy magically creates with his audience. Many talented musicians can play, but they don't interact with the crowd. Some don't even open their eyes half the time, and believe it or not, though they like to play, they'd rather play in a recording studio without an audience. Not so for Mr. Buddy Guy! He is not only an unmatched blues singer and guitar player, but he is also an unrivaled entertainer. He paces and prowls from one end of the stage to the next like a caged lion. He constantly makes eye contact with his fans and you feel his inner most emotions. This LP was recorded at Buddy's own Southside Chicago Club in 1979 which was intimate to say the least as compared to today's large venues. If you ever wished you could go back in time to be part of a blues experience, that today you could only see recreated in the movies, Buddy's performance on this LP would be center stage. Buddy's raw live performance encompasses 9 songs totaling just under 60 minutes. Throughout the show you can hear individual shrieking fans invigorated by Buddy's gripping blues performance. In summary, this LP proves that my Grandfather was right when he used to tell me: "THE BEST KIND OF BUDDY TO HAVE... IS A LIVE BUDDY!" (not my review)


Frits's Tapes Numbers 39 & 40

Tape 39:

Tape 40:

Some more obscure and well known tracks from Frits.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Various - Memphis Blues Unissued Titles From The 1950's

Woodrow Adams
- The Last Time [Sun/Checker unissued]
Dr. Ross
- Cat Squirrel
- That's Alright
William Steart
- Black Snake Boogie
- 44
Willie Carr
- Outside Friends
Raymond Hill
- Sittin' On Top Of The World
Kenneth Banks
- High

Johnny O'Neal
- Peg Leg Baby
Little Milton
- Oo-Wee Baby
Eddie Snow
- Stay With Me Baby
Rufus Thomas
- I'm Off That Stuff
Eddie Snow
- I'm All Alone
Sherman "Blues" Johnson
- Blues Jumped A Rabbit
- Hello Pretty Baby
Phineas Newborn Sr.
- Phineas' Boogie
- The Joint Is Jumping

Thanks to Stefan Wirz for the track listing. 

Sunset Blues Band (Pee Wee Crayton) - Funky Blues

Sunset budget label recording for the United Artists/Liberty group from 1969 featuring Pee Wee with session group. Pee Wee's name is not credited on the LP liner but a fine outing nevertheless. Pee Wee admitted he did not know what happened to this material after he recorded it.
Has been re-released years ago on Charly records.


Luther Johnson - Come On Home

The confusing plethora of artists working under the name of Luther (nickname here) Johnson can leave even those with a decent knowledge of blues in a major state of confusion. But in this biographical entry, we concern ourselves with the life and times of Luther "Georgia Boy/Snake Boy" Johnson who, to make matters even more confusing, also worked and recorded under the names Little Luther and Luther King. (It turns out his real name wasn't even Luther, but Lucius.) Upon his military discharge, he picked guitar as a member of the Milwaukee Supreme Angels gospel group, working the local church circuit. But the blues bug hit and he soon had his own little blues trio together, eventually settling in Chicago by the early '60s. He played for a while with Elmore James and was a regular fixture in the Muddy Waters band by the mid-'60s. He recorded as Little Luther for Chess in the mid-'60s ("The Twirl") and by 1970 was relocated to Boston, MA, working as a solo artist. The next five years found him working steadily on the college and blues festival circuit before cancer overtook him on March 18, 1976, at a mere 41 years of age.


Hop Wilson - Blues with Firends At Goldband

Houston blues legend Hop Wilson was born Hardin Wilson on April 27, 1927 in Crockett, Texas. He learned how to play guitar and harmonica as a child. He was nicknamed "Harp" at an early age for his frequent harmonica playing. Over time "Harp" became "Hop." When he was 18 years old, he received his first steel guitar and began playing at local juke joints and nightclubs. Hop served in the US Army during WWII. After his discharge from the Army, he decided to pursue a career as a blues musician, performing with Ivory Lee Semien's group in the late '50s. Wilson and Semien recorded a number of sides for Goldband Records in 1957. Wilson's unique style of slide guitar-playing on an eight-string table steel guitar has been a key influence on a number of blues guitarists, including Johnny Winter and Jimmy Vaughan.
These are the original trio sides with King Ivory Lee Semiens on drums and Ice Water Jones on string bass. Unfortunately, some of the tracks on this vinyl issue have electric bass and/or piano overdubbed to make them stereo recordings.


Bobby King - Complete Recordings

Bobby King, vcl/g; Rosemary King, vcl on *; Sonny Thompson, pno; band. Cincinnati, Oh. 21 novembre
01. Cheapskate*
02. So nice to be loved*
03. Thaks Mr Postman
04. I want you to rock me
Bobby King, vcl/g; band. Cincinnati, Oh. 16 août 1962
05. Two telephones
Bobby King, vcl/g; Sonny Thompson, pno; band. Cincinnati, Oh. 12 juin 1964
06. What a day what a night
07. Wasted
Bobby King, vcl/g; band. Chicago, Ill. 1968
08. Froggy bottom I & II
Bobby King, vcl/g; David Bloom, g; Nick Charles, bs; Roosevelt Shaw, dms. Chicago, Ill. 1 mai 1969
09. My baby sure do love me
10. Left me alone
11. Everyday I have the blues
Bobby King, vcl/g; Leonard Gill, g; Muddy Waters Jr, vcl on *; Harry Mitchum, bs; Bill Warren, dms.
Chicago, Ill. 9 octobre 1975
12. Reconsider baby
13. My babe
14. Everyday I have the blues
15. Sweet home Chicago
16. The Chaser
17. Old folks boogie*
Bobby King, vcl/g; John Bishop, g; James Davis, pno; Roger Bacon, tpt, Steve Berry, tb; Ken Clark, t-sax;
George Patterson, a-sax/flt; Bernard Reed, bs; Jimmy Tillman, dms/perc. Chicago, Ill. 19 août 1977
18. Bobby's shuffle
19. Bad luck blues
20. Three o'clock in the morning
21. My darkest hour
22. Hoochie coochie man
23. Sweet home Chicago
24. One step back
25. Everyday I have the blues
26. Stormy monday
27. Please love me
28. Make up your mind

Thanks go to Blue Eyes for the tracks above.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Thanks also go to HM for a copy of the original tape "Jimmy Tillman - 21st century rhythm & blues band with Bobby King" with  tracks 18-28 which include a spoken introduction by Jimmy Tillman that is not on the first posting.