Wednesday, January 17, 2018

American Blues Legends 79 (Repost)

Comes with bios and photos of Eddie C. Campbell, Good Rockin' Charles , Billy The Kid Emerson and more.
Funny how one's memory fades into a blank as I can't remember a thing about the concert I saw.

Correct link

Various - American Blues Legends 79 (Repost)

Eddie C. Campbell - Love With You Baby
Eddie C. Campbell - Lock What You Done
Chico Chism - High Rise Blues
Chico Chis - 480 Pounds
Good Rockin' Charles - I Wish I Had Somebody
Good Rockin' Charles - I'm Goin' Home Where Women Got Meat On Their Bones
–Billy The Kid Emerson - Buzzard Luck
–Billy The Kid Emerson - Conjured
–Little Smokey Smothers - Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
–Little Smokey Smothers - All Your Love
–Lester Davenport - I'm Tryin'
–Lester Davenport - No Peace


Arbee Stidham - There's Always Tomorrow (Repost)

A1 Please Let It Be Me 2:21
A2 I Stayed Away Too Long 3:36
A3 There's Always Tomorrow 3:17
A4 You Keep Me Yearning 2:40
A5 Tired Of Wondering 3:46
B1 If You Just Hold On 4:02
B2 Take The Pain From My Heart 3:07
B3 My Lincoln Continental 3:51
B4 What Would You Do If You Were Me? 3:53
B5 People's Blues 4:25

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hartmut's Singles 16 - 28

The second installment of Hartmut's singles.
I'm sticking to Workupload so you know what to expect. As in the first installment there is a zip file with the track listings.

The missing file Singles 20 part 2 can be downloaded using the above below.

Have fun:

Singles 25 with the missing track 11 (from Youtube) is below:

Bennie Davis - Old School Cool

I couldn't find anything on the net about Bennie Davis so any info is welcome as are the tracks of this demo cd. It's well worth a listen but don't forget it is more than likely a demo.

Thanks to Waterloo Station Lost & Found department  for this one.

Just found this at CDBaby and Bennie Davis Facebook page

Clifford Curry - The Provider

The Provider 3:54
Bit By A Rattlesnake 3:36
Helpless And Homeless 4:51
Galloping Dominoes 2:43
Tall Oak Tree 5:16
Soldier In The Army Of Love 3:37
Commit A Crime 4:09
Pure Grain Alcohol 2:42
The Divorce 3:49
She Shops Till She Drops 3:17

KansasJoe post:

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bukka White - Sparkasse In Concert (Repost)

A1 Black Rat 5:44
A2 Way Out In The West 5:16
A3 Mama Don't Allow 5:22
A4 Stuttgart, Arkansas 5:45
A5 Don't Fuzz Blues 2:39
B1 Big Boat Up The River 7:47
B2 New Orleans Streamline 3:53
B3 Everyday I Have The Blues 4:40
B4 Aberdeen Blues 2:38
B5 Midnight Blues 4:15
B6 Poor Boy 2:03


Jump Jackson - 1960's Blues Party (Repost)

rec 196o Chicago at Jump Jackson's home
notes this is the bluesparty, which produced the idea of the American Folk Blues Festivals
Abbreviate for accomp.: TA Tom Archia ts, CR = Corkey Roberts b, JJ Jump Jackson dr
LJ = Lee Jackson gtr, SS= Sunnyland Slim p, RS = Roosevelt Sykes p

St?. Louis Jimmy, RS,TA,CR,JJ Goin' down slow
Sunnyland Slim, TA, LJ, CR, JJ Hard drivin, woman
Sunnyland Slim'& Lee Jackson, CR Boogie woogie
Willie Mabon, CR, JJ Going back to Tennessee
Clear Waters (Eddie Clearwater),SS, CR, JJ Wanna be cool
Roosevelt Sykes,TA, CR, JJ Long lonesome night
Memphis Slim, CR, JJ Born with the blues
Shakey Jake, LJ, CR, JJ, unk. p Things are different
St.Louis Jimmy, RS, LJ, CR, JJ Whiskey for breakfast
Sunnyland Slim, TA, LJ, CR, JJ Depression blues
Memphis Slim , CR, JJ El capitan
Roosevelt Sykes, CR, JJ Miss Ida B.
Clear Waters, p, b, 2nd gtr, dr Hillbilly blues +
Sunnyland Slim, CR, JJ Sunnyland bounce
Shakey Jake, LJ, CR, SS, JJ Love my baby
Johnny Thompson, CR, JJ Please send me someone
Jimmy Thompson, ts, b, dr Long about midnight +
Lee Jackson, SS, CR, JJ Change of love

notes the 2 titles with + are not from this session, but from singles
Music is provided by HM and Blue Eye and I'm grateful to be able to hear these tracks.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below. This might take a couple of days and reposts up to a week ..... I've got a life outside of the blog.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


l4th August: Ronnie said...
Tabby Thomas - Louisiana woman

3rd October: Mannfred Woman said...
St. Louis Country Blues (1929-1937) (Document) J.D. Short
J.D. Short* & Henry Brown - (1930-33) wolf records
cheers if anyone can help

8th October: Daddy Cool - LP-94007 - Legendary Masters: Gospel Music, Volume 1

13th October: Anonymous Blues Hoarder said...
Those document CDs are great! I might request a few more
Field recordings - Vol 6 - Texas Blues 1933-1958 DOCD-5580
Field Recordings - vol 7 - Florida 1935-1936 DOCD-5587
Texas: Black country Dance Music DOCD-5162   Thanks go to Real Blues

17th October: daniel777 said...
I am looking for the following albums
Dan Burley - South Side Shake
Deacon John Moore - Singer of Song
Errol Linton - Roots Stew
Rockin'Tabby Thomas - Louisiana Woman
Louisiana Red - Last Mohican Of The Blues

20th October: Ballas said...
I'm looking for Muddy Waters - In Concert on Charly CDCD 1257 (1995). It has the following tracks: see comments for track list

29th October: David - "Bob Geddins' Rhythm Records Story" on Acrobat

29th October:  Cajun Spice Rub said...
Any albums by Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Cha's
especially from Rounder label
Follow me chicken
Your Mama Don't know
Steady Rock

29th October: Ballas- John Lee Hooker album called "Johnny Lee" on Green Bottle GBS 3130

5th November: Chocolate stout said...
Hey everybody. a few things you may be able to help out with?
Big Walter Horton with Carey Bell 
Walter Horton - mouth harp maestro
Big Walter Horton - Harmonica Blues kings
Paul Jones - Mule (Fat Possum)

6th November: Marnie said...
Looking for an illusive Ivory Joe Hunter compilation: Blues At Sunrise (2cd)

17th November: Zivoin said...
Looking for Louisiana Red - Anti Nuclear Blues (L&R LP)

27th November: Harmoniker said...
Big Al Calhoun with Henry Townsend
All plucked from from various torrent sites and usenet.

30th December: Olde Timey said...
Dan Burley - South Side Shake  and Circle Blues Session
Michael Coleman - Do your thing!
Thanks go to Kurt for sharing Dan Burley

January 9th: Sgt Splode said...
KC Douglas: any album from Prestige Bluesville
Thanks go for Pepe(NMR)

January 10th: B flat said...
I am looking for Grady Gaines - Full Gain on Black Top Records. Thanks much!
Thanks go to Lapiedra52 for sharing

January 11th:Run Free Biggles! said...
Hello all!
requests Little Buddy Doyle - memphis Harp & jug Blowers (1927-1939)
Skip James - Skip's piano blues  thank you Pépé
Eddy Clearwater - chicago daily blues

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Slim Harpo - Trigger Finger

A1 Wondering And Worryin' 2:03
A2 Strange Love 2:10
A3 You'll Be Sorry One Day 2:20
A4 One More Day 2:22
A5 Late Last Night 2:32
A6 Buzzin' 2:07
A7 Sittin' Here Wondering 3:06
A8 What's Goin' On Baby 2:45
B1 Please Don't Turn Me Down 2:55
B2 Tip On In (Part 2) 2:32
B3 I Just Can't Leave You 3:16
B4 That's Why I Love You 3:05
B5 Just For You 3:27
B6 I've Got My Finger On Your Trigger 1:59
B7 The Price Is Too High 2:08
B8 Rainin' In My Heart 2:31