Sunday, June 25, 2017

Frits's Singles 1-119

That's not Frits buried beneath the singles!

There have been several requests in the past for a reposting of all the singles from Frits. A daunting prospect until Manny Kent suggested WeTransfer which I hadn't thought of. The folders have been zipped into batches of about 1.8gb and uploaded to WeTransfer.
I haven't been very consequent with the folder names so if you want a look at a track list before downloading do a search using the label"45 blues" and most of them will turn up.
The links below will expire on the 2nd of July and they will not be reposted (I mean it) so get them while you can.









Big Mama Thorton Links

lapiedra52 said...
Here you can find links for the Big Mama Thornton requested albums in flac.

Stronger Than Dirt part 1:
Stronger Than Dirt part 2:
The Way It Is part 1:
The Way It Is part 2:

Many thanks lapiedra52 for filling the request.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Slim harpo - Trigger Finger

A1 Wondering And Worryin' 2:03
A2 Strange Love 2:10
A3 You'll Be Sorry One Day 2:20
A4 One More Day 2:22
A5 Late Last Night 2:32
A6 Buzzin' 2:07
A7 Sittin' Here Wondering 3:06
A8 What's Goin' On Baby 2:45
B1 Please Don't Turn Me Down 2:55
B2 Tip On In (Part 2) 2:32
B3 I Just Can't Leave You 3:16
B4 That's Why I Love You 3:05
B5 Just For You 3:27
B6 I've Got My Finger On Your Trigger 1:59
B7 The Price Is Too High 2:08
B8 Rainin' In My Heart 2:31


Harmut's Singles 49


Clarence Carter - Patches

Willie And Laura Mae Jones 4:18
Say Man 3:25
I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin') 2:15
Let It Be 3:29
I Can't Leave Your Love Alone 2:34
Your Love Lifted Me 2:37
Till I Can't Take It Anymore 3:13
Patches 3:11
It's All In Your Mind 2:37
Changes 2:53
C. C. Blues 3:25
Getting The Bills (But No Merchandise) 2:19

KansasJoe post:

Ricky Allen - Remember The Time

1. You'd better be sure
2. You were my Teacher
3. From you
4. Remember the Time
5. Ouch!
6. I don't get it
7. I wanna hear from you
8. Heart breaking
9. Cut you a-loose
10. Faith
11. Early in the Morning
12. Catch up with your Crowd
13. Eighty Hour week
14. Can I come back home
15. Help me Mama
16. The big Fight
17. Little by Little
18. Going or coming
19. I have made a change
20. Messed around and fell in Love
21. I ain't never
22. Hurt look on my Face
23. It's Love Baby
24. Step down
25. I'm a real thankful Man
26. I can't stand no signifying
27. Just you and me
28. Nothing in the World can hurt me
29. What do you do
30. It's a Mess I tell you
31. Skate Boo-Ga-Loo


Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below. This might take a couple of days and reposts up to a week ..... I've got a life outside of the blog.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


4th December: Muddyw1213 - Freddy King ‎– It's Too Bad Things Are Going so Tough on Python Records ‎– PLP KM 5

21st January: David: Va -"Times Are So Tight" LP on Swingtime
"Blues In The Thirties" LP on Japanese MCA, or the Japanese P-Vine LP "Johnnie Temple: Lead Pencil Blues"?

5th February: MapleBlues -Black Wich-a-Way Rhythm - Early Rockin Rhythm & Blues – Various Artist

9th February: Ricardo M - Benny Spellman compilation on Bandy Records called "Benny Spellman"

l9th March: Ballas -The Great Hudson River Revival Volume I" on Flying Fish

10th March: KingPossum - Zoo Bar recordings by Magic Slim

19th March: Gerard Herzhaft - Chick Rodgers: Essentially yours.... (JP cd release)

17th May: Dr. Oyster - JC Burris's "Long way by myself"

25th May: elgreco -  Roosevelt Holt & His Friends album on Arhoolie? In flac if poss please

27th May: Steve626 - Sunnyland Slim - Depression Blues 1971 Disques Festival FLD 648.

May 31st: Koldo - Big Bill Broonzy - Nobody's Business

10th June: Hal9000 - I'm after a few (what i consider) important rarities:
Algia Mae Hinton - Honey Babe
Joe Callicott - North mississippi blues / ain't gonna lie to you
Charlie Lincoln & Willie Baker - 1927-1930 (RST blues documents)
Eddie 'one-string' Jones - one string blues (Gazel Documents)
thanks if you can help

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Alexander "Mudcat" Thomas - Backwoods Blues

A1 Mudcat's Blues
A2 My Blue Heaven
A3 Sugar Bee
A4 Tennessee Waltz
A5 Steel Guitar Rag
A6 When The Saints Go Marching In
B1 Tell Me What's On Your Mind
B2 Raunchy
B3 Worrisome Blues
B4 The Story Of Boot Juice
B5 Backdoor Man (Tell Me Mama)
B6 Weepin' Willow Lane
B7 Step It Up And Go

Just gave this LP a listen for the first time in a couple of years and liked it.  As the link is dead you can call this a request for myself.
This a mono recording Smash MGS 27046, it has some ticks on a couple of tracks but no big problem.


Forrest Cty Joe/Rocky Fuller - Memory Of Sonny Boy

A1 –Forrest City Joe* Special Delivery Man 2:50
A2 –Forrest City Joe* Shady Lane Woman 2:55
A3 –Forrest City Joe* A Woman On Every Street 2:48
A4 –Forrest City Joe* Sawdust Bottom 2:57
A5 –Forrest City Joe* Ash Street Boogie 2:51
A6 –Forrest City Joe* Mean Mistreatin' Woman 2:49
A7 –Forrest City Joe* Lonesome Day Blues 2:52
A8 –Forrest City Joe* Memory Of Sonny Boy 2:47
B1 –Rocky Fuller Soon One Morning 2:51
B2 –Rocky Fuller Rock Me Baby (Come On Baby, Now) 2:40
B3 –Rocky Fuller Under A Neon Sign 2:37
B4 –Rocky Fuller Catch Me A Freight Train 2:38
B5 –Rocky Fuller Looking For The Mail Man 2:47
B6 –Rocky Fuller The Moon Won't Go Down 2:38
B7 –Rocky Fuller Gonna Leave This Town 1:50
B8 –Rocky Fuller Raining And Snowing 2:51


Arthur Crudup - Roebuck Man

A1 I Don't Worry 3:10
A2 Needle Time 3:20
A3 Room And Board 3:06
A4 Blind Man Sees 4:45
A5 Long Curly Mane 3:45
A6 Roebuck Man 4:54
B1 Old And Grey 3:59
B2 Before You Go 3:25
B3 Korrina Korrina 3:20
B4 Boogie In The Morning 2:27
B5 Get You In My Arms 3:37
B6 What Are You Trying To Do? 3:22
B7 Burying Ground 3:25