Saturday, February 6, 2016

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You may also leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear. As this posting will drop down the list with every new posting I will update it once a week to insure that it stays visible and near the top. Comments will be deleted regularly to keep them up to date.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here. There are other excellent blogs that can help you out with your request.
That all been said we will have to start from scratch with the requests.


20 sept. Jaques Obombre -
Herwin 204: Blind Joe Taggart 1926 to 1931
201 Bukka White sings Sic 'em Dogs on Me 1927 to 1939

23 oct. Anonymous:  I am Looking for:
Little Brother Montgomery: These Are What I Like
Unissued Recordings Vol. 1
Little Brother Montgomery: Those I Liked I Learned
Unissued Recordings Vol. 2

27 oct. BluesDude: George & Ethel McCoy - At home with the Blues (Swingmaster)

29 November Metrobasser:
 LC McKinley 1953-1964 Recordings

2 December Anonymous:
James Son Thomas
Mississippi Delta Blues Man & Son down on the Delta
Thanks go to BluesDude for sharing James Son Thomas 

5th of January Jug_Head
South Memphis Jug Band (Flyright)
Low Down Memphis Barrelhouse Blues (Mamlish)
Memphis Harp And Jug Blowers 1929 ~ 1939 (Document)
Thanks to Marcfr for sharing 'Low Down Memphis Barrelhouse", BluesDude for sharing " South Memphis Jug Band" and PP for Memphis Harp and Jug Blowers.

1st of February : Anonymous: Va - Orange Country Special (Flyright)

2nd of February: Gerard Herzhaft: Big Jack reynolds/ Broke and disgusted (Highball HX PRO B NR 101) (cassette)

5th of February: Gerard Herzhaft -Willie Walker - Same on Haute 1108 (CD)

5th of February: Tom Thumb -Someone out there owning those old Negro Art / Highway 51 LPs?
I'm looking for
Big Son Tillis: Dayton Stomp/My baby WroteMe (Negro Art 368)
Jesse James:Forgive Me Blues/ Corinna's Boogie (Highway 51 # 101).

I wouldn't mind both of those either.

6th of February Kurt Kricz,
Southern Comfort Country - Flyright 501
Tarheel Stomp - Flyright LP 511
Fishin’ In My Pond Flyright LP 582

And on some other labels:
Negro Folk Music of Alabama - folkways 4474
Alec Seward - creepin’ blues - Bluesville
Doctor Ross - Xtra 1038
The Blues - vol. 4 - big bear
Piano Blues Legends - jsp 1056

various - Orange County Special

A1 –John Snipes Old Rattler Run The Fox
Vocals, Banjo – John Snipes
A2 –Wilbert Atwater Shine On
Vocals, Guitar – Wilbert Atwater
A3 –Jamie Alston (2) McKinley
Guitar – Jamie Alston (2)
A4 –John Snipes Hello My Darling, Hellow My Babe
Vocals, Banjo – John Snipes
A5 –Wilbert Atwater My Baby's Leaving
Vocals, Guitar – Wilbert Atwater
A6 –Willie Trice* Wild Bill
Vocals, Guitar – Willy Trice
A7 –Wilbert Atwater Goin' Away Baby And I Sure Don't Want To Go
Vocals, Guitar – Wilbert Atwater
A8 –Wilbert Atwater Go Up On The Mountain
Guitar – Wilbert Atwater
B1 –Willie Trice* Sweet Sugar Mama
Vocals, Guitar – Willy Trice
B2 –Jamie Alston (2) Step It Up And Go
Guitar – Jamie Alston (2)
B3 –John Snipes Laura Lee
Vocals, Banjo – John Snipes
B4 –Willie Trice* I Ain't Got Nobody To Help Me
Vocals, Guitar – Willy Trice
B5 –Willie Trice* Mamie
Vocals, Guitar – Willy Trice
B6 –Wilbert Atwater Long Tailed Bird
Vocals, Guitar – Wilbert Atwater
B7 –John Snipes & Jamie Alston (2) Molly Hare
Banjo – John Snipes
Guitar – Jamie Alston (2)
B8 –Wilbert Atwater Molly Hare
Harmonica – Wilbert Atwater
B9 –Jamie Alston (2) & Tom Carter (6) Don't Let The Deal Go Down
Fiddle – Tom Carter (6)
Guitar – Jamie Alston (2)

Many thanks go to Kurt for filling a request and sharing a rare LP.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Willie Dixon - Catalyst

Bring It On Home
I Don't Trust Nobody
God's Gift To Man
Hoo Doo Doctor
Wang Dang Doodle
My Babe
When I Make Love
I Think I Got The Blues
But It Sure Is Fun
I Just Want To Make Love To You


Hartmuts Singles 11

Some more obscure 45's from Hartmut.


Magic Slim - Live At B.L.U.E.S.

Captured at Chicago's intimate B.L.U.E.S. nightclub, this is surely one of the best live sets the quartet ever committed to tape. The vinyl time constraints limited the program to eight songs, but apart from a marathon "Mother Fuyer," and they're not his usual standards -- Chuck Willis's grinding "Keep a Drivin'," a resigned "Poor Man But a Good Man," and Slim's own "Help Yourself." ~ Bill Dahl, All Music Guide
Magic Slim just never dissappoints - this rocks.


Al King - Blues Master: The Complete Sahara & Shirley Recordings

1 On My Way
2 Reconsider Baby
3 Shimmy & Shake
4 Lingerin' Love
5 Think Twice Before You Speak
6 The Winner
7 My Money Ain't Long Enough
8 Blue Shadows
9 This Thing Called Love
10 Everybody Ain't Your Friend
11 Christmas Is Gone
12 Peace And Understanding
13 Don't Put Off For Tomorrow
14 Playing On Me
15 Get Lost

Thanks go to Kurt for sharing this with us and to Rob F for the cover scans.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ray Agee - Somebody Messed Up

Smooth Blues/Soul singer Ray Agee released some quality singles and albums in the 60s and 70s. This mid period album finds Ray in great voice. The songs have an up tempo and clean West Coast sound. Ray moved from Alabama to Los Angeles and this album has a sunny feel to it even though most of the song's subject matter don't. Ray is a favorite of many musicians who grew up in Southern California and this record shows why.

Another rip from HM of an LP that I've been looking for.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Various - At The Party - R&B Special

A1 Big Sambo & The House Wreckers - At The Party
A2 Carol (Wild Red) Pegues With Ray & Red & The Bi-Stones -Don't Monkey With Somebody Else's Monkey
A3 Jesse Johnson - Cute Little Girl
A4 Joe Allen & His Alley Cats - Baby,Baby,Baby
A5 The El-Derocks - Back Room
A6 June Bug Bailey - Louisiana Twist
A7 Sam Samson & The Shufflers  - Squeeze Me Pretty Mama
B1 Carol (Wild Red) Pegues With Ray & Red & The Bi-Stones - Rhythm Fee
B2 The New Mason Dixons - Totaled
B3 Billy Cunningham - My Baby
B4 The Alley Kats & Kitty & Sax Kari - Alley Kats
B5 The Alley Kats & Kitty & Sax Kari - Rockin Chair
B6 Nicki Redman - Cop's Rock
B7 Robert Hall - Count Down Part 1.

Sorry about the mess up with the links.

Corrected link:

Harmuts Singles 10


Joey Gilmore - Can't Kill Nothin'

1 Can't Kill Nothin'
2 Breakin' Up Somebody's Home
3 I Don't Have To See blood
4 Still Called The Blues
5 Born Under A Bad Sign
6 A Real Mother For Ya
7 Someone Else Is Steppin' In
8 A Lady In The Streets
9 Blues House party

Thanks to KansasJoe for sharing.